Zephyr entered the market in 1997, recognizing the increasing demand for high output cooking equipment and built-in appliances in residential homes. A new platform of ventilating range hoods, the Power Series, with never seen before available features and performance, was created. Zephyr introduced products addressing air quality concerns for consumers seeking high CFM ventilating along with quietness, efficiency, unique features and competitive pricing.

But as exciting as Zephyr’s products are, the company is so much more than the sum of its product lines. In fact, perhaps what Zephyr is known best for its unparalleled dedication to customer satisfaction and service, and its commitment to constant improvements. Innovative design and quality engineering are uncompromising fundamentals within the Zephyr philosophy. The American company, based in California, is proud to bring you the latest trend design in power ventilation for today’s kitchens.

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